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Adding a workflow to Launch Center Pro

Launch Center Pro is one of the fastest ways to launch apps and other automation shortcuts on iOS. With an easy-to-use launchpad of icons for opening URLs, Launch Center Pro’s integration with Workflow makes it a powerful way to group and run your workflows with the flick of a thumb. Plus, with scheduled and location-based notifications, you can receive alerts at predefined times or places that launch right into a workflow and start running it.

Integrating Launch Center Pro with Workflow

In Launch Center Pro, you set up a personalized grid of “actions” (which we’ll call LCP actions), each performing a different task. Then, you just touch down with your finger, slide around to the LCP action you want, and let go to launch that action.

LCP actions can also be collected into groups, letting you fit more actions on screen. Touch down on a group icon and slide around to select an LCP action inside the group. With 15 spots available in the grid, you could set up 15 directly-launchable LCP actions or up to 210 LCP actions collected within 15 groups.

You can create LCP actions to launch workflows of your choice. For example, you could create a group in Launch Center Pro called “Writing” and set it to include your writing-related workflows. Then, you’d open Launch Center Pro, tap and slide on the writing group, and release on a workflow to run it.


Workflow and Launch Center Pro use the word “action” in two different ways. In Workflow, an action refers to a single step of a workflow. In Launch Center Pro, an action refers to a quick shortcut to launch a URL.

How to add a workflow as a Launch Center Pro action

To import one of your workflows as an LCP action, open it from My Workflows and tap the settings button in the upper right corner. You’ll see an “Add to Launch Center” option underneath “Add to Home Screen”. Tap it and Launch Center Pro will open, showing a window with a message “Incoming Action” and the URL that will be used for the action.

Tap “Add Action” and you’ll be prompted to choose an open slot from the grid. Tap an empty space to place the LCP action there, or tap a group and an empty space inside to place it there. If you try to place the new LCP action on an occupied space, you’ll be warned that you’re about to replace another LCP action.

Once imported, your workflow will be ready to launch at a moment’s notice. Tap the corresponding LCP action, and Workflow will open and proceed to run your workflow. Once the workflow completes, you’ll be returned to Launch Center Pro.

Scheduled and location-based workflows

Launch Center Pro has two features that bring special capabilities to your workflows: time and location triggers. These triggers allow you to schedule notifications to run a workflow at a specific time or when you enter a certain area.

To configure an LCP action’s triggers, tap the edit button in the upper right corner, and then tap an action. Use the “Schedule” option to set a time-based trigger, or the “Location Triggers” option to set a location-based one.

You can schedule an alert to go off at the same time every day or only on certain days of the week. One could set a “Saturday Chores” workflow to pop up every weekend, or a “Log My Weight” workflow to pop up every day.

With a location trigger, you can set an alert to go off when you arrive at or leave an area. For example, one could have an LCP action that prompts to run a “Show My Grocery List” workflow when walking into the local grocery store.

You can even add time-based filters on your location alerts, so you could set up something that only triggers when you're both at work and only during the weekdays.

Pro Tip

You can also set up your workflows in Launch Center Pro’s Today Widget or 3D Touch Quick Actions.

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